МОСКВА, 21 ноября 2021, Институт РУССТРАТ.

«Give the State 20 years of peace, internal and external,…» (P. A. Stolypin) — when «Russia is concentrating» (A.M. Gorchakov) – « and you will not recognise today’s Russia» (P. A. Stolypin). We focused. We are ready for a breakthrough. We are already starting it. In the next year and a half, Russia will significantly adjust the global balance of power.

So, as our true statesmen dreamed in the past, Russia received its 20 years without shocks and a resident of the late 90s will not recognise it now. Yes, there were external storms and internal disturbances, which you can’t call a storm, but these are natural variables of the local climate. From the outside world, we were always shaken and rocked.

We weathered the storm of the Great Stagnation in 2008 and only became stronger, and our rivals moved even closer to the inevitable edge. We digested the internal pitching from their impact and solved this issue by cutting off their main tentacles that sprouted to us – by destroying the system-forming structures of the hostile infrastructure created inside us.

The main thing was not a tsunami, because intelligence officers took power in the country in the late 90s. Intelligence is at the helm, and in this there are a lot of advantages. We have become not only competitive, but also have a unique ability to outplay with the «worst cards», that is, with fewer resources and opportunities. Imagine — and it takes your breath away — what they can do with equal or even superior cards! Indeed, as the German General-Field Marshal Münnich remarked during his entire life of service to Russia: «Russia is governed directly by the Lord God. Otherwise, it is impossible to imagine how this state still exists.»

Our rise is obvious to everyone in all geographical directions. In some civilisations, such as India and China, this explosive growth of ours and our further global role have been known for a long time. Thousands of years of spiritual practices and natural philosophy allow these civilisational models to look at the world with a wise eye.

The era of planetary Winter, according to Chinese natural philosophy and Celestial writing, which began in 2008, passes the baton of world leadership from the West to the North, which we are. We are the North, and this aspect has been covered in the research of RUSSTRAT. The next more than a century and a half is the time of Russia. World Qi invisibly and smoothly makes a planetary cycle, in a long-calculated next period, moving from the Metal Tiger of the West to the Black Turtle of the North.

In the main directions of Hinduism, whose mystical research is more than one thousand years old, it is known that in these one and a half centuries Russia will rise high and show the world a new spiritual fulcrum for its unification. At the beginning of this journey, it will rest on the Russia-India-China triangle, shining at its apex. It will lead humanity to the millennial Kingdom of light.

All of this is also known in our uppermost stratum, which is why «our borders do not end anywhere”. Moreover, in spiritual terms, as civilisational models that look at the world wisely were given as an example, on the eve of fulfilling our own role, we were sent down with the latest spiritual tools commensurate with this role.

Something that came to us in the middle of the last century through the great Russian spiritual visionary Daniil Andreyev is just getting ready to open its blue petals of the universal rose. There have been no revelations like this since the time of the Prophet Muhammad, including in terms of significance for the cultural and political landscape..

Part of this legacy is the meta-historical toolkit. Using it, it is possible to see the background of almost all events and phenomena that occur before our eyes, for example, why and how intelligence officers took power in the country.

All of this is serious help provided to us, on the basis of which a model of the future will be built. But already «here and now», from the President of Russia, and therefore from the state level, we see a message to the whole world to unite under the banner of healthy, reasonable conservatism.

This is the first step in our historic Mission. With a good, solid disclosure and filling of the concept of «conservatism», making it accessible and attractive to everyone on the planet. This is the stated ideology of planetary significance! This is the creation of an agenda and one of the pillars of future global leadership.

That is, only when we start to consider the issue of our breakthrough and growth in all directions, we already see this with our own eyes in the ideological direction. Let’s try to reveal other areas and key points in all spheres of human activity where our country will do something similar in the near future, because all the factors have developed for this.

With its explosive growth potential, the current historical situation in Russia is unique. The state has thoroughly prepared for the possible challenges that may arise under critical pressure.

Huge reserves have been accumulated, including in gold. Our own financial and information infrastructure contours have been created and launched. Digitalisation has started to permeate the entire economy, bringing it to a new competitive level. Pushed by import substitution (but not only), the expansion of our own industrial base is taking leaps and bounds, including in very sensitive high-tech areas, and the «technological gap” is closing.

The critical dependence in the field of food security has been eliminated. In all these areas, as in many others, revolutionary changes have been made and intensive work continues. The army has been number one on the planet for a long time, for about five years. Here, the «technological gap» is already in our favour and only expands, periodically slipping through the public complaints of high-ranking NATO soldiers as soon as they leave official positions.

And, most importantly, what gives us a free hand is that we have completed both the electoral cycle and the constitutional reforms, having completed all the necessary arrangements. A favourable point also lies in the fact that the global degree of tension has shifted to Asia, and the main forces and attention of the «sworn partners» are now there.

Plus there was a unique situation of breaking through planetary inflation, resulting in the energy crisis processes which makes the Europeans, for the most part, much more compliant and EXCLUDES the blockade of our energy supplies, NO MATTER WHAT STEPS WE TAKE.

Add to this the ongoing crisis phenomena in the economy and other spheres that divert the resources of the collective West. We have already started our spurt, our rapid expansion, and not only in the ideological sphere, but we have increased pressure on many critical, key points.


By what do we start, after all, «our tanks are fast”?

With particular care, the order of this offensive is weighed, what issues in what sequence and in what areas to solve. Therefore, the first thing to do was to move in Syria, and the Idlib-Turks-Kurds junction began to prepare for the denouement.

Such problems must be solved, and we must move forward to a certain balanced stage, so that they do not stab us in the back at the moment of confrontation on other, more global fronts. So there was an escalation in this area, so that then no one would start raising the stakes in the local regional game, when the main attention of Russia will be directed in a completely different direction.

Firstly, they will begin, by agreement, the gradual transition of the Idlib zone under Syrian (Russian) control, at least including the corridor along the M4 highway. With simultaneous pressure from Erdogan to the east on the Kurds, to balance his Turkish domestic political situation and promote the return of the Kurds to the Syrian constitutional field. There is a high probability that Russia will fix the state of affairs at a certain stage, which will mark the transition to other fronts.

There, in Syria, at the moment, we have increased pressure on the remnants of American tentacles to squeeze them out, which, in the trend of our widespread expansion, will finally happen in the next year or two. Attacks began on the «holy of holies», on the American military base, and the total jamming of everything and everything on it by electronic warfare. Not without the help of extensive cooperation with Iran, with which we came to agreement on a lot of interesting things at the level of the Defence Ministers. During a four-day visit!

More recently, for several years, our bases in Syria have often been attacked by drones coming in swarms and rolling in waves. They were primitively assembled, but our specialists on camera argued that behind this there was a high organisation and direct actions of «sworn partners». No one is forgotten, nothing is forgotten.

Now «partners» are facing the same problem, only we didn’t miss a single one and they have a problem with this, and the whole world has more proof of the «who is who» in military technology, who is the number two army and who is the number one. With its hypersonic triad, which is not in any other army in the world. With a new level of nuclear potential and its carriers. With a circular, recently fully integrated long-range detection system. With the world’s best echeloned air defence and coastal systems.

With one of the most powerful supercomputers on the planet (in the top five), implementing military tasks. With advanced electronic warfare technologies. With the most advanced communication systems based on new principles that are not susceptible to influence or being read. With the best indicator in the world for updating the fleet of vehicles with the latest models, and much better. And the most important thing — with people.

All of this significantly changed the balance of power. A completely different trend has developed in our foreign policy, and now we are beginning to see it become a major one. If earlier all decisions and actions were formed under the influence of the main unspoken dominating internal postulate «if only there was no war», now a completely different internal background prevailed.

We have dramatically increased the number of degrees of freedom in the variability of decision-making, in negotiating behaviour, and now this is the core of all negotiations and summits. This radical reversal is felt in everything, and since then we have been talking and resolving issues in a completely different tone.


«Home front workers forged victory by righteous labor»

Back in 2014, Russia’s advance to its western outskirts (territory that today is known as «Ukraine» — ed.) could have been stopped by the critical threats of a combined Western military aggression, coupled with the interruption of the main links of the financial infrastructure of the Russian Federation. And all this against the background of a man-made unfavourable situation in the raw materials sector.

At that time, the collective West still had the strength to make a convulsive dash in our direction for the bloody reformatting of part of the Russian outskirts into anti-Russia. The united West repelled our retaliatory strike, its strike power falling on a tangent, redirecting south, through Crimea to Syria, then Libya, and even lower, spreading and strengthening in many parts of Africa.

Russia has firmly established itself in the Middle East region, created a previously unimaginable system of regional connectivity through the Russia-Turkey-Iran triangle, pushed and successfully squeezes out the United States, and earned an unquestionable authority here. The same thing is happening in Africa.

With more ambitious plans in the western direction, on its own outskirts (Ukraine — ed), it was necessary to wait, which by historical standards is just a short pause. But in this short period of time, truly colossal changes were made.

Seven years have passed, and Russia has strenuously addressed the critical issues that were so acute at that time. Our own payment system was tested and launched, eliminating the shock impact on the financial infrastructure. Now vital information about the financial state of the body, its critical nodes, including the military-industrial complex, and its problem points is not monitored by partners.

We have become inaccessible to them. Having seen enough of waving payment mechanisms like weapons, the Europeans began to build an independent system. And at the moment, the situation for us has turned exactly in the opposite direction, and any blackmail not only lost its meaning, but also became dangerous for the blackmailer himself.

Now, under any pressure that starts, we can unite with a similar Chinese system (which is already happening behind the scenes in a trial mode), and Europeans will not fail to join such an association – and here one of the contours of the new global financial architecture is being drawn.

In terms of food security, Russia has also overcome a critical milestone. Competently, and on the basis of new approaches developed by the state. Through a unique system of state financing, lending and leasing, which is being tested and adjusted, with the restoration of directions in advanced agricultural science by entire research institutes.

Hence the success, and the first places in the world in terms of exports, and the yield per hectare, unthinkable in the USSR. Now we are not talking about security, but about expansion. The role of the agricultural sector is growing in the overall export basket, and the growth rate is fantastic, 20-25% per year in the last few years. In 2-3 years, a qualitative breakthrough will also be made in this direction, and here’s why.

We are facing a series of bankruptcies of fertiliser producers, launched by the energy crisis as an integral part of a full-scale crisis. The first to fall were those who are not so massive, and in whose products the incredibly expensive gas component was high.

But this component is gradually dragging along other components of the energy industry, electric generation in general is becoming more expensive, oil is becoming more expensive, and fuel and lubricants are becoming more expensive. This is already starting to put pressure on the global agricultural producer from all sides, especially in Europe. Some positions become unprofitable, while others will not be able to withstand competition, especially from our side, given our domestic prices.

Working in completely different conditions, Russian farmers will get huge advantages. Stable supplies, affordable, significantly lower than global prices for gas, electricity and fuel, domestic fertilisers that are close by and domestic manufacturers of agricultural machinery. The more unbalanced prices and supplies are outside the cordon, the greater part of the global market will go to us.

It is quite obvious that we will have similar competitive groundwork for the entire domestic industry. And this is against the background of global inflationary processes in the global dollar system.

After winning the gas war, Russia will at least have to gain a foothold in the European market and increase its share in it. In particular, two large-capacity LNG plants will start operating when the new LNG facilities under construction are being completed.

Even if the global energy imbalance does not go far in the near future and does not cross the Rubicon of the crisis point of no return, there will still be no rebound to the previous price levels, and they will be consistently higher for a certain period of time. We’ll take care of that.

Russia is tactically uninterested in the current sky-high spot gas prices, as well as in the excessively creeping oil prices. We will not now delve into far-reaching strategies, and how we can and will then act here globally. For now, we will simply focus on tactical benefits, so that the newly zeroed shale producers do not raise their heads and do not take away the markets that already belong to us.

The bulk of gas supplied by Russia to the west goes under long-term contracts. Their prices have nothing to do with the bacchanalia going on there, although they grow a little, being revised according to a complex formula every two months. If to look closely, then in addition to the Germans, as beneficiaries, all the current confusion is happening around the Dutch, with their stock exchange, and the historically associated «Firm» of the British, who own their share of it.

Of course, while the administrative delays on the «Stream» are being eliminated, we are looking at this through our fingers, but we do not intend to fill the pockets of hostile Windsors indefinitely. As soon as the German regulator issues permits and, possibly, together, as soon as Russia solves its problems with its own outskirts and there a certain full-stop punctuation mark is made or a certain stage is completed, the price swirl will begin to decline. We will help to lower the bar to a fair price, having previously solved some of your questions, $300-400 per thousand cubic meters will suit us perfectly.

Our industry will still get energy carriers and raw materials much cheaper, dramatically increasing its competitiveness. Entire niches and market segments will be captured, and volumes and profits will increase dramatically.

Even if the partners with their global dollar do not accelerate to a hyperstorm in the 2-2.5 years under consideration, the inevitable jump in the inflation bar to the officially recognised 8-10% will still be quite enough for us.

The non-biased industrial inflation indicator “Producer Price Index” (PPI), which measures the state of the wholesale market of raw materials, materials and so-called «intermediate consumer goods», jumped to an unprecedented 9.8% in annual terms since 1981. And this is despite the fact that the turbulent processes and price collapses of the commodity market have not yet fully reached the United States.

Increasing, inflation will go from the bottom along the entire production chain and reach its final cycles in a few months. And in six months or a year it will be passed on to the consumer, where we will probably see the sleek figure of consumer inflation stated above. This suits us perfectly, giving us competitive advantages out of the blue, which will only multiply from year to year.

Against this background, localisation of everything will gain even more momentum in Russia, and investment inflows will increase. Add in one’s own trillion-dollar investments in national projects and the term «underinvested economy» will start to lose its relevance.

Gradually, the reality will be formed that «not only everyone will be able to use the safe harbour, not everyone will be able to do it.» After all, a queue for parking serious money at our place has been standing here for a long time. Only at the end of this queue there is strict face control, and therefore many people would like to, but they know that their «face» doesn’t suit and they even don’t try to come «with their pig’s snout».

The pace of industrialisation 2.0 will accelerate, which some people carefully do not notice, and digitalisation of all spheres will begin to bring tangible results. Entire industries will rapidly find sales outside the country, for example, the aviation industry will begin to win a global niche that previously it only could dream of. The state-cherished «startups» for unmanned vehicles and unmanned agricultural machinery will shoot, as well as many other developments.

Like mushrooms after the rain, domestic projects will start to appear that will grow into strong international companies. This is what the breakthrough of a self-sufficient, well-established economy, which is a solid foundation for our expansion anywhere, will look like. Whether it’s a return to our own Outskirts (territory that today is known as «Ukraine» — ed.), or our bold moves towards the still-functioning international financial system or elsewhere, there are plenty of opportunities. Our economy, however pretentious it may sound, is a victory forged in the rear.


The factor of Belarus in the light of the main geopolitical rule of our days

Speaking about our possible advance in the western direction, returning to the borders of Historical Russia, it is impossible not to notice the fact that we have already made a huge breakthrough there. And all thanks to the colour revolution organised by partners, and it couldn’t have been any other way.

After all, the current geopolitical situation represents such a point in the struggle when the contending rivals are entwined in a tense ball and frozen in a fragile balance. Occasionally, an old and fat fighter starts twitching, trying to change something. He is spurred on by an angry thought: «Who is this guy in general? He is a barely alive, dystrophic person who left intensive care just yesterday!».

A decrepit giant still lives in the old reality and cannot realise that the young one is already stronger and more resilient than him. Naturally, all his convulsive movements lead to the fact that he immediately finds himself in an undoubtedly worse position and even more squeezed.

This imaginative description of the situation applies to the West as a whole, and separately to the United States, because their weight and significance are rolling to the geopolitical margins. This is the main point of the real geopolitical balance of power – any escalation on the part of our partners turns out to be beneficial for us.

To be fair, recently the decrepit giant, like the image of the United States, has already to some extent realised the full weight of the moment and is not going to escalate with Russia. This does not apply to the entire West and its individual prominent representatives. All the bacchanalia in Belarus was created not by this partner itself, but by the junior suzerain of the partner’s senior servant, with his tacit approval, monitoring and rare consultations. And everything turned out as it did, according to the current main geopolitical rule.

Integration processes have progressed by leaps and bounds. We are connecting in a single space, first in military and economic terms, and then in political terms. By 2024, a gigantic course will be traversed, on which Russia will begin to learn and perfect the processes of cooperation, create patterns for future expansion within the borders of Historical Russia. By the end of the political cycle, inspiring integration outcomes will be announced.

Then, over the next six years, there will be a reality in which the difference between the inhabitants of Tatarstan, Yakutia and Belarus will completely disappear – we will become one nation. And naturally, after some time, a reasonable question will arise – why should one nation have two states? Maybe they will try to answer it, as is customary, by the end of the cycle, by 2030, but there is also a significant probability that everything will accelerate enormously — by 2024.

At the moment, of all the integration areas, the army spike is ahead, followed by the economy. We are becoming a single fist, and the necessary new military doctrine is being adopted. Before that, Lukashenko was completely in a general rut in his multi-vector approach, introducing a ban in 2016 on the participation of the Belarusian Armed Forces in operations outside the republic’s borders, which fundamentally contradicted the principles of the CSTO. Now everything is radically changing – that’s what the life-giving Maidan is doing.

And although the potential of the Belarusian army is very modest relative to the Russian one, the problems facing the western direction are beginning to be solved in a completely different way — after all, there are a number of very urgent tasks for a breakthrough. And in these tasks, the factor of a friendly, stable Belarus following the Russian fairway, its geographical «overhang» over the still occupied part of Historical Russia, over its Outskirts (territory that today is known as «Ukraine» — ed.), will play a very important role.


«The order was given to him — to the west«

Given all the favourable factors, it becomes obvious that Russia cannot help but deal with its Western borders. The factor of the Outskirts (territory that today is known as «Ukraine» — ed.), which is being built up as «anti-Russia», is ripe for a solution, partial or complete. According to the apt and succinct words of our president at the historic Valdai Forum- «this is a dead end» and «this is a problem”. That’s all, the current post-Maidan government is in a dead end, and what it is doing, especially in military terms, is a problem. And it does a lot.

There is a gradual integration of the Ukrainian Armed Forces with the armed forces of NATO countries. Different countries work with Ukraine in different ways, with different participation rates. What is fundamental here is that the highest level and rank groups of military advisers sit in each and every headquarters of the Ukrainian Armed Forces at the level of «headquarters of a type of armed forces or branch of troops». In other words, there has been soldering at the team level for a long time, and advisors have the right to adjust individual decisions and participate in planning.

Widespread penetration of the intelligence infrastructure begins. Let’s not talk about the SBU as a branch of the CIA, but we will touch on the military sphere. The work of American surveillance systems for underwater and surface conditions on Snake Island in the Black Sea has been recorded. Partners have created a reconnaissance center there, which is also used as a platform for training Ukrainian servicemen of the Main Directorate of Defence. The same thing happens at the “Ochakov” Naval Base, but not only that, we will return to the “Ochakov” base later.

Serious pre-integration work is underway, and all the Ukrainian Armed Forces are literally permeated with a network of NATO instructors. Thus, the multinational NATO training group “Ukraine» has been operating at the International Center for Peacekeeping and Security of the Ukrainian Armed Forces (Starychi, Lvov region) since 2015.

Americans are numerically leading in its composition and at the moment there are more than 250 soldiers of the 81st “Stryker” brigade of the Washington State National Guard. They teach everything from snipers to medicine and the rules of using communications equipment. Special forces and paratroopers arrive separately — they work outside the centre, according to their own plans. From the rest – up to 60 instructors from Lithuania (they specialise in training snipers), Denmark, Poland and Sweden.

There are two more «training missions». Mission «ORBITAL» of the British Armed Forces with a fluctuating number of instructors from 60 to 140 people, the composition is constantly changing, depending on the task they are completing. Many are members of the British Army’s Military Intelligence service. Their base is in Kiev, they solve tasks in groups of 4-15 people. They work at headquarters, training grounds, and training centres. They teach everything from tactical medicine (a week’s course) to training Naval staff officers and ship commanders (a course of up to three months).

Recently, they worked at the Urzuf training ground, at the naval headquarters, at the “Ochakov” naval base, at the 831st Tactical Aviation Brigade, and at the Kharkov Aviation Institute. The second mission is “UNIFIER”, Canada. Before the pandemic, there were up to 200 people. Now – no more than 90. Just like the older ones in the kingdom. They specialise in training ground forces and marines.

Yes, at this stage, all of this does not pose a serious threat, the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces states this. Even in a certain extreme scenario of events, when you will have to perform tasks on the territory of the Outskirts (territory that today is known as «Ukraine» — ed.). But they also understand where the vector of this creeping military integration is leading – it will only increase.

According to current estimates made by specialists of the General Staff, with the use of all forces and means, the complete neutralisation of the Ukrainian Armed Forces is possible with minimal losses of personnel and equipment, no more than 100-150 irretrievable losses of personnel. But then a reservation is made about the «present moment». Some of the latest Western weapons systems have not yet been received and deployed. Then the same tasks will be solved with multiple increased losses.

This is what our president says, because they can and will be placed secretly, over time, in the same training centres and bases. And this means a real military threat from this territory. «What should we do about it?» (Vladimir Putin). At the same «Ochakov» naval base everything is ready for this.

By saying this, the president is openly sending a veiled signal to the whole world that we have no way out. Everyone already knows very well that we are simple people and are used to the fact that if a fight is inevitable, then we must strike first. So, we will strike them.

And here from our leader at this historic Valdai session comes another important clarification, when he describes the impasse that the post-Maidan government has reached: «I don’t really understand how to get out of it. Let’s see what will happen on the domestic political scene of Ukraine in the near future

It should be noted that unlike some would-be analysts who repeatedly predicted more and more Maidans and upheavals on Nezalezhnaya Square, Vladimir Vladimirovich was never noticed doing such a thing. But this is «let’s see what happens»… And not in any election cycles, but «in the near future»! From one of the agenda-setters on this issue, along with the US and Europe!

Look at the United States, how they attack Zelensky from all sides. Derogatory articles in the world’s central media, «an open Pandora’s box», were launched by local Ukrainian underlings of Soros, who have serious weight. The oligarchic construct, the foundation that has existed since the beginning of independence, on which the new post-Maidan government was invested – has already completely and irrevocably made all the main world players fed up.

And it’s not just one of the odious figures, Igor Valeryevich, against whom there are a lot of criminal cases in the US and they are unsuccessfully demanding that governing bodies extradite them. (Of course! How can a Clown do something to someone from the circus’ board of directors?!) It’s about the whole system, the existing Ukraine construct.

Something similar happened before our eyes just now, when the oligarchic «autocrat» Vlad Plahotniuc was expelled from Moldova. In Moldova, everything was taken by one princeling, it is much smaller than Ukraine, where there are several reigning heads. The United States, Russia and the European Union, for three, agreed to sweep away this oligarchic construct that has reigned for many years.

Any efforts from any side got bogged down in this construction, and then all parties came to an agreement at the suggestion of Russia. We are jointly demolishing and clearing the area from the octopus, and then we are competing on existing political structures. As we can see, this is exactly what happened, and then various political forces managed to come to power.

Interestingly, when Plahotniuc was demolished, the Western press portrayed Moldova as a «captured state». Something similar is beginning to slip now in relation to the Outskirts (territory that today is known as «Ukraine» — ed.), either in an interview with the IMF representative in Ukraine, or in an article written by Forbes, where Zelensky was attacked. There was a similar wave and «there is an opinion» that we agreed with the Americans. Another thing is that the designated «opinion» does not disclose all the details and simply states, and we already identify the outlines of these agreements based on the entire data set.

Apparently, the Europeans are aware of what is happening and are very welcoming. And, of course, we will make a note that there are often agreements that are not made public and remain carefully veiled by the tinsel of ordinary, often aggressive rhetoric. They can only be identified by indirect signs, by certain markers that are unique to them, and by the final result.

There are very interesting events ahead. From all sides, the Artist’s position as a consensual public figure of an oligarchic construct will worsen. Including on the domestic political field. There will be a critical pile of unsolvable problems. At the same time, tension will increase on the contact line, the main real culprit of which will be the Ukrainian side.

It is already noticeable how the Americans skilfully pull strings through their networks of influence, encouraging the UAF and their hotheads to escalate the situation, which will one day result in an avalanche-like retaliatory operation. Against the background of a military defeat and the whole array of problems, a complete or partial internal political reformatting is likely, implying the lifting of all restrictions on conditionally pro-Russian forces. Perhaps they will light the star of Oksana Marchenko, with an eye on the sovereign mace, as well as the appearance of completely new figures in this segment.

With a moderate development of events, perhaps the full use of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation can be avoided. They will act as a deterrent, a peacemaking factor, concentrating along the Russian-Ukrainian borders and hanging over the Outskirts (territory that today is known as «Ukraine» — ed.) from the side of Belarus. (No chance was left for Lukashenko – the West does not recognise him and will not recognise him). This will be demoralising, as well as a militarily constraining factor.

The army of the DPR-LPR, after a certain high-tech reinforcement and support with high-precision weapons, having arranged a couple of breakthroughs and several encirclements, will move to the administrative borders of the regions. At some stage, an official deployment of troops, declared as a peacekeeping one, is possible to consolidate the situation, possibly by a joint Russian-Belarusian contingent.



All the moves we are considering on the part of Russia, including economic ones, will take place in much more favourable conditions if the Chinese factor is fully involved. So far, it has been a safe background, thanks to which it became possible to build the current configuration. But when and if China begins to solve its Taiwan problem, and even in the same period, everything will become much easier for us. But it also becomes easier for China, when the focus shifts slightly away from it, freeing its hands more, so the scenario of a coincidence of such events cannot be ruled out.

Regardless of this, we will see a major economic breakthrough for the Russian Federation over this period, and our standard of living will significantly increase. And it will grow, even if a disastrous outcome for the global financial system has already occurred.

In this case, of course, there will be some turbulence in the construction of new global financial principles and contours, but the effect of the external tsunami inside the country will be minimised and then neutralised. Extraordinary measures and the role of Russia as one of the main actors in the new world order will also have an impact. Further, we will only have to pick up falling off spheres and markets, that is, to grow at an unimaginable pace now.

In other words, it is strategically advantageous for us to see this happen sooner rather than later. But no one, of course, will say anything like that out loud. On our part, at the very top, there is an understanding of how this will happen, and what steps we will have to take to do this. We will not consider this trend of events in the framework of this report, it requires separate study, since the whole picture of what is happening in the event of such a scenario will change dramatically.

If in the next two and a half years the crisis does not reach the terminal stage of a complete global reformatting, then the breakthrough in the economic sphere will continue as planned. The main marker is the main theme of the fight against poverty raised at the very top, as a willingness to solve such a problem. National projects will fully gain momentum and the first results from them will already be felt. The industrial potential will grow significantly, the range of imports will expand, and its volumes will grow.

So, until the end of the political cycle, until the spring of 2024, Russia has about two and a half years. The peak activity of the main actions is likely to occur in the next year or two. Six months before the election, the activity will move to a different plane and will result in a public harvest, reaping the electoral fruits.

The minimum that Russia will reach in its expansion «on the ground» towards the West is the inclusion of the DPR-LPR in its composition, but not by the current «stubs», but within their administrative borders. After the active military phase, intensive economic changes will be carried out in the republics of Donbass until they are brought up to the level of the regions of the Russian Federation closest to them. About $12 billion has already been allocated for these purposes over three years. The culmination will come a few months before the elections, when the republics will be accepted into the Russian Federation.

It is also possible that, due to the factor of the rebuilt suburban domestic political field, it will be more appropriate to return Donbass to the new Kiev, for further accelerated reformatting and, eventually, full integration of the Outskirts (territory that today is known as «Ukraine» — ed.) into the Russian mother’s bosom.

In other areas, our country will become even stronger as a «civilisational ark». The Russian ideology of healthy conservatism will be adopted everywhere. The flow of highly qualified «returnees» and European migrants will significantly increase, moving away from the statistical error.

Well, it is even impossible to predict the maximum that will be able to be reached. Under the circumstances that are totally developing in our favour and skilful use of them, everything is possible, up to humanitarian missions on the territory of the Harlot-Babylon the Great. This will happen sooner or later anyway.

One thing is certain – in the very near future, Russia will make a number of crucial moves that will seriously correct the planetary balance of power. Our cause is just, we will win.

Институт международных политических и экономических стратегий Русстрат


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