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The autumn of 2021 in Europe was marked by another victory for pedophiles. In Italy, the age of sexual consent has been lowered to 14 years. This means that sexual relations with teenagers who have reached the age of fourteen are now considered as legal with a very conditional amendment — if «the act is committed voluntarily with the mutual consent of the parties”. As you understand, parents in this situation are no longer able to influence the process, their child is given the full right to dispose of their body, and infringement of «human rights» in the European community is fraught with consequences.

It may be objected that in some countries the age of consent is even lower: in Argentina, Burkina Faso, South Korea, Japan it is 13 years old, and in Mexico, the Philippines, Angola it is even lower — there you can have sexual intercourse with minors of twelve years of age. It is not difficult to guess that this is a historically established tradition, directly related to the life expectancy and living conditions of the people. The shorter the life, the earlier the organism should give offspring. In Yemen, girls are allowed to be married from the age of nine. No matter how wild this figure may sound to us, it is precisely about marriage and procreation. Yemen is a conservative Muslim country where there can’t even be a hint of child prostitution or any premarital relations.

As for the Philippines — a universally recognised «paradise for pedophiles”, the government there is struggling in every way with the legacy of the US contingent that was stationed on the territory of the country during the Second World War. A loophole in the legislation of the state is used by pedophiles all over the world. According to available data, seven out of ten sexually abused Filipinos are children. Officially, prostitution, including child’s one, is prohibited by law in the Philippines. If it is proved that the transfer of remuneration was carried out after the completion of the act, then the lover of forbidden entertainment will have trouble with the law. In addition, the age difference of the partners should not be more than ten years. But both the first and the second are little provable, and pedophiles from all over the world continue to go to the islands.

The law currently being considered by the authorities of the country on raising the age of consent to the civilised mark of 16 will help to definitely put an end to the current situation on the territory of the paradise islands. It’s precisely like that this law looks like in most countries, including Canada, Israel, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan. According to media reports, in December of last year and September of this year, bills to raise the age of consent in order to protect Filipino children from rape were approved by an overwhelming majority of senators and submitted by a bicameral committee to the president for consideration.

We observe a similar trend in Japan and China. In all 47 prefectures of Japan, amendments to the law have been adopted, raising the age of consent from 13 to 18 years, and completely excluding the relationship of adults with persons under the age of 18. The Chinese bar at 14 is also recognised by human rights activists as quite low. The reason for the possible revision of the legislation was the scandal with the vice-president of the oil company «Yuming», who took custody of a minor girl he liked and cohabited with her.

Thus, there is an obvious positive correlation between the development of the welfare of society and the age of consent of the younger generation. It’s time to recall the moral and spiritual experience of mankind in relation to fornication — let’s call a spade a spade. We observe the reverse process in the modern, post-Christian Western world, which has reached the peak of material well-being. There has been a process with the prefix «de» for many years: degradation, demarche, depopulation.

The unambiguity of the Italian case described at the beginning of our story is in the fact that along with a decrease in the age of having sex for teenagers, the age of their participation in pornographic filming, including with adults, has decreased. There is an illusory clause in the regulatory act that «everything should happen by mutual consent and exclusively for personal use”. In fact, the Supreme Court of Italy, passing its decision on October 28, 2021, gave the go-ahead for child pornography.

Pornographic films are modestly called «adult films» in everyday life. The key word is «for adults». Obviously, lowering the age of consent has nothing to do with children’s rights, but is directly lobbied by high-ranking pedophiles in Western countries. This is especially true for homosexual relationships.

Germany became the first among the European countries to legalise homosexual sex with children. Already in the 20th century, where the age of consent is also 14, amendments were adopted clarifying that this restriction also applies to same-sex relationships, that is, if a teenager «does not mind», then it is possible. A few years later, other European countries adopted similar amendments: in Lithuania, the age of consent for homosexual  relationships was lowered from 17 to 14 years, in Hungary — from 18 to 14 years, in the Czech Republic — from 18 to 15 years, in Serbia — from 18 to 14 years. Pedophiles managed to achieve the greatest success in Spain, where in 1995 the age of consent fell to 12 years. After the protests of Catholics, the restriction for homosexuals was slightly increased.

It is precisely homosexuality that is considered to be the main client of pedophilia. Not so long ago, a gay choir from San Francisco released a scandalous clip in which it promised: «We will convert your children!» The idea to create a «paedophilia anthem» was planted by LGBT activist Milo Yiannopoulos, who claims that there is «nothing wrong» in same-sex relationships with boys. After the scandal broke out, the clip was removed from YouTube, but, according to Russian State Duma deputy Vitaly Milonov, the world finally saw what homosexuals want.

There are more than enough observations proving that it is precisely people with sexual perversions who are behind the legalisation of pedophilia. Recently, transgender Allyn Walker, associate professor of the Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice at the American Old Dominion University, openly called for legalising pedophilia and transferring it to the category of sexual orientation. Instead of the word “pedophiles», the creature who was previously a woman called to use the term “minor attracted”. The transgender demanded to «be lenient» to the desires of pedophiles and «take into account their rights”.

People of the older generation remember how in Soviet times the propaganda of the totalitarian regime depicted the horrors of capitalist society to Soviet citizens. The Soviet Union collapsed thanks to the efforts of the West 30 years ago. The reality that opened up to the «liberated» residents of the Union republics turned out to be even more nightmarish than it could have been imagined. It turned out that the Russians were being told the truth. Having lost a lot, the country recovered from the blow. Russia is becoming a mighty power again. Isn’t that why the West is so persistent in trying to instil its «values» and «freedoms» in stubborn Russians? Maybe the «iron curtain» that protected our people from the flow of dirt wasn’t so bad?

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