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Following Italy, which lowered the «age of sexual consent» for children in October, it’s Sweden who can take the next step towards the degradation of humanity — the country that gave the world Greta Thunberg, «Oumph!» burgers with the taste of human flesh and the concept of «gender dysphoria» (the term means the incongruence between the biological gender of the person and the one they ascribe to themselves).

The Swedish state can officially allow teenagers to change their gender from the age of twelve without a medical examination. Only the consent of the guardian will be required. At the same time, the Ministry of Social Affairs of the country has developed and proposed for consideration two bills – the first, aimed at legal settlement when changing the column «gender», and the second, concerning the initial stage of medical intervention in the body: hormone therapy, breast surgery, hair transplantation in the beard area and other acts of forced restructuring of the body. Currently, the lower threshold for these manipulations in Sweden is 16 years of age.

The proposed innovation is strongly supported by RFSL Ungdomar, a local LGBT organisation whose ideologists reduce all the life problems of young people to the fact of «not being born in their own body”.

Despite the fact that in 1972 Sweden became the first country to create conditions for gender reassignment, it is still more «conservative» than, for example, Norway or the United States. In the United States, hormone therapy is possible from the age of 8, and surgery from the age of 15. Moreover, without parental consent, you can visit a gender clinic in Washington State from the age of 13. The number of such medical institutions offering «transgender transition» has jumped from two in 2007 to fifty at the present time. Moreover, it is planned to open gender classrooms in schools, where minors will be «helped» to understand their gender identity. Given last year’s statement made by US President Joe Biden, who encouraged sex change at an early age, this help will not lead to anything good.

In Sweden, this is the second attempt by globalists to lower the age for making an irreversible decision. The previous bill proposed by RFSL Ungdomar, and intended to approve the second stage of medical intervention — surgical manipulations on the genitals from the age of 15, the public was able to reject. So far, the conservatives have managed to defend the bar at 18, which corresponds to the age of majority. Such a delay gives young people a small chance to draw independent conclusions under the onslaught of aggressive advertising by supporters of gender reassignment.

The Swedish public publication SVT earlier tried to highlight the fate of the patients of gender clinics. The research was carried out by journalists of the “Mission: verification” program. The results were alarming. As the saying goes, measure twice, cut once. With age, many young people regretted experimenting on their own bodies. According to minors and their parents, no other help was offered to teenagers, except for a proposal to change their gender.

«All of this is arranged incorrectly and abnormally,» a girl named Mika commented about the prescribed hormonal «treatment». She did not wait for the promised relief from depression by doctors and decided to stop testosterone injections in time. Journalists managed to get doctors to admit that the effectiveness of medical intervention and its consequences have not been studied. «We are not at all sure that the treatment will benefit teenagers,» admitted Anne Waehre, chief physician of the gender clinic in Oslo. It was also possible to identify another pattern — many of the teenagers who decided to change their gender suffered from other mental disorders: autism, craving for self-mutilation, anorexia.

By the summer of 2021, the number of young people dissatisfied with the consequences of transgender transition had increased so much that a well-known hospital at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm refused to prescribe hormone therapy to minors. By this time, it was managed to establish that sex change leads to pathologies such as cancer, osteoporosis, thrombosis and cardiovascular diseases. According to the French publication Le Figaro, the diagnosis of «gender dysphoria» in Sweden was made too often. It was received by 70-80% of minors who turned to psychiatrists with banal disorders: depression, anxiety. As a result, over the past ten years, the number of teenagers who have decided to change their gender has increased by 1500%!

Swedish psychiatrist Sven Roman explains the situation by the fact that the frontal lobe of the brain, which forms the assessment of the actions performed, is formed in a person only by the age of 25. Therefore, the bar for deciding on a sex change must be raised to 25 years in order to avoid consequences. Swedish Democrat MP Angelica Lundberg agrees with him. According to her, most people who have changed their gender later regret what they did.

When considering the accumulated information, it becomes obvious that the bill will divide Swedish society again. Whether the conservative part of the Swedish population will be able to defend common sense, or the new generation of this country will be largely ruined, becoming a victim of the «new normality» invented fifty years ago — we will find out in the near future.

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