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The recent work of an international group of scientists has dealt another blow to the globalist theory of anthropogenic influence on the Earth’s climate. As follows from a new study, the model of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which underlies the anthropogenic theory, incorrectly interpreted the role of aerosols in the processes of warming and cooling on the planet.

This means that the scale of human influence on climate processes is also subject to revision, including the «quantified in precise terms» degrees by which the planet has allegedly warmed up since the Industrial Revolution. And with them, the entire political superstructure in the form of the Paris Agreement and the UN climate summits, which force humanity to urgently abandon fossil fuels and other sources of greenhouse gases, flies into the trash.

Note that this is not the first scientific study that refutes the calculations of the adherents of «green transition» and «carbon neutrality». But, like other similar work, it went unnoticed by Big Media promoting the «generally accepted» climate agenda around the world. Moreover, this agenda has long turned into a «symbol of faith», which, it seems, cannot be refuted by any scientific evidence.

It is all the more worse for its adherents, because after all the climate does not care whether they believe in it or not.

Antarctica’s ice reveals secrets


The study in question is called «Improved estimates of pre-industrial biomass burning reduce the scale of aerosol impacts on climate in the Southern Hemisphere”. It was conducted by a group of scientists from China, the USA, Germany, Great Britain, Switzerland and Australia, led by Liu Pengfei, associate professor at the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Their work was published by the American scientific journal Science Advances, after which it was mentioned only by Harvard.

What does aerosols have to do with it in general? The fact is that this is the favourite toy of supporters of the theory of global warming, which they consider almost the main cooling factor on the planet, since aerosol particles scatter light.

For example, when they are told about volcanoes that have been spewing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere for billions of years before any human existed, they answer: «But at the same time, volcanoes were throwing aerosols into the air, which blocked the Earth from the sun’s rays, which led to cold spells”. And they conclude: volcanoes are out of the game, it is people who are to blame for global warming. More precisely, industrially developed people.

In relation to our time, the adherents of the «agenda» declare as follows: the average temperature on the planet since 1850 should have long since increased by a catastrophic 1.5°C due to higher concentrations of carbon dioxide. But it has grown by only 1.1°C due to the growing content of aerosols in the atmosphere, which are increasingly getting there as a result of the combustion of hydrocarbon fuels. And now humanity has only 0.4°C left, after which we will all fry here.

And what about scientists? Indeed, they say: knowledge of the aerosol load on the atmosphere in the historical perspective is key for assessments of global climate change. But the current IPCC model (CMIP Phase 6) is incorrect. It does not take into account that in pre-industrial times the concentration of aerosol particles in the atmosphere was as high as it is today. The reason is the huge fires, the soot from which we found in 14 ice cores taken from different points of Antarctica.

Strictly speaking, the volume of aerosols in the earth’s atmosphere has remained virtually unchanged over the past 250 years, that is, the entire industrial era, scientists say. From this, at a minimum, it follows that all the current figures and calculations in the IPCC model are incorrect. And as a maximum — that aerosols do not slow down the temperature rise on the planet at all. And therefore, the impact of CO2 emissions on the climate also needs to be reviewed.

Challenging the paradigm

It should be noted that the study by Liu Pengfei et al confirmed the conclusions from similar scientific work conducted in 2018 by another group of scientists, mainly from the University of Leeds (UK), and published in Nature. It was named even more unambiguously — «Reassessment of pre-industrial fire emissions strongly affects anthropogenic aerosol forcing» — and also criticised the current model of climate change adopted by politicians.

It is noteworthy that one of the authors of that work, Professor Jed Kaplan of the University of Hong Kong, complained about the difficulties with that publication due to the fact that it «challenged the paradigm of the primordial pre-industrial world» prevailing among adherents of the theory of global warming.

And one more observation. In both studies, quite clearly, directly in the personalities of the authors and the names of universities, there is a «Chinese trace». Advocates of «anthropogenic impact» are probably inclined to see this as the machinations of Beijing. Like saying that it is not ready to follow the persistent recommendations of the globalists to reduce emissions and that’s why it «orders» scientists to do the relevant research.

But another interpretation is also possible. China skilfully uses «soft» scientific force to defend its own positions. It’s as if it is addressing the West: «Look at the calculations of scientists. And try to refute them by academic means, without myths and divination”. And although such a method is unlikely to be able to break through the thick foreheads of globalists, it exposes them in their true light — as ignoramuses and obscurantists.

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