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On November 24, 2021, the Izborsky Club held a discussion of expert clubs and communities on the topic «Turning point: an ideology that will unite the nation”. These were not idle conversations on abstract topics. The meeting resembled a consultation of doctors on the eve of a serious operation at the bedside of a seriously ill person.

Representatives of the leading intellectual clubs of Russia — Izborsky, Sretensky, Zinovievsky, Bogomolovsky, the World Russian People’s Council, «Russian Assembly», the Federal People’s Council, the Union of Writers of Russia, and professors of the leading universities gathered.

The counter-elite of our society, since our elite is liberal and is afraid of any illiberal ideology like the plague. Even in the Constitution they wrote about it: in article 13 — at the suggestion of the American curators of «Boris’ Friend». It is forbidden for people to think and talk about the most important thing, and if it is allowed, then only as a hobby.

The purpose of such a ban is the violent destruction of the holistic worldview and thinking of all categories of people – except those who conceived it. The ban on ideology is, in fact, a ban on ethics. The understanding of good and evil. This is the loss of all reference points for a person who is taught that the highest meaning is wealth. The price of the issue is secondary.

The triumphant boor is the main hero of our time. All the plots of our folk cinema are about freebies. The main thing is to make the viewer in the frame «expensive-rich». Stories about how cinderellas jump out to marry oligarch princes or how yesterday’s vocational school students become rich have become the main means of social anaesthesia.

This is how public morality is formed, the basic concepts of bad and good are laid. A person of work and creativity is not shown at all. They are not there, their life and problems are not interesting. Labour is considered a punishment. Are you working? Tough luck. All the hard workers in the movies are shown as cranks and duffers. The film «The Taming of the Fire» about the fate of S. Korolev will simply not arise today. The rich are our everything. And what about those who are not rich and will never be?

The people of Russia, who have gone through the shock of the collapse of the USSR, through the destruction of sacred places and outrage upon them, do not understand why to live and why to make sacrifices, endure difficulties and what to believe. People have lost faith, they are afraid of faith, knowing that cynics and scoundrels are speculating on this. Friendship, family, love, devotion – everything is vilified, soiled in dirt, ridiculed and vulgarised.

But the human lives not only by bread alone. They live by what they are ready to die for. The ideology of money, food and pleasure is killing the nation. «Without a king in my head» — they used to talk about such people. People without an ideology are not ready to die for values, whatever they may be. Even material ones. Many people may be ready to kill, but they are not ready to die.

When the pursuit of pleasure becomes a universal fetish, a spiritual drug and a goal that justifies any means, the people die – which happens to us in the form of a series of demographic pits, which liberals try to explain to us again by the lack of money. If there is money, there will be people. But if there is no money, don’t take offence.

In such a matrix, hatred for one’s country grows, and the fugitive becomes the main lucky one. Emigrant. The main advantage is knowledge of English. Do you remember the cult movie of the 90s called «Window to Paris»? How long will such a country stand?

Realising this, at the meeting of the leaders of our intellectual clubs, they discussed how to formulate the supreme meaning of Russia’s existence, its aspirations and sacrifices, how and with what to respond to challenges that have become deadly for all mankind. The forum participants understood that no matter what ideology was declared, there would definitely be those who would not accept it. Therefore, no such task was set.

The question was how to find common principles, a value matrix that could become the structural edges of a future consensus. Something around which different ideological currents will unite, considering the main thing for themselves is the good of Russia.

The first meeting was just the beginning of the process. They decided to meet again in December to discuss the report of the Sretensky Club «Road Map. Challenges of the next decade». What is the image of the future corresponding to the Russian civilisational code? Where is its assemblage point?

So far, one thing is clear: the new ideology should be built as a collective creed, and not a scientific doctrine, prescriptions from above or a set of private opinions. It should be an integrating, not a splitting ideology based on the awakening feeling of returning to its origins. To the only possible form of being for Russia.

Social optimism was chosen as the basis of the future ideology. The general report was called: «The Ideology of Victory as a national project«. This is very true: no matter what goals we set, faith in Victory is the main thing. If there is no goal, the achievement of which is considered a common Victory, then why such an ideology?

The report gives not only ideas about ideological postulates, but in fact – a whole detailed doctrine of Russia as a civilisation, as well as sketches of the image of the future, which it makes sense for the whole nation in the 21st century to strive for.

After the main principle – Victory — was adopted, the participants of the meeting formulated a Mission uniting a Common Cause. The people should be sighted and understand where they are going and why. The ideology of Victory as a system of views and values should become the official worldview of the ruling class, and then broadcast to the people. At the same time, it is important to note: the new ideology, according to the authors of the Izborsky report, should be introduced and promoted based on new people, a national cleansing project will be required, the most important part of which will be a cardinal renewal of the elites, a kind of personnel revolution.

The civilisational mission of Russia in its current state is to keep the world from a global catastrophe, curb the pretenders to the monopoly of power and world domination. This means a conflict with the contenders for such domination, and if fighting by military and financial means is impossible, then meanings become our main weapon.

To do this, it is necessary to develop one’s own agenda on a whole range of issues, relying on responsiveness to other worlds, understanding their needs and striving for the harmonisation of interests, and not for suppression and subordination. And from the standpoint of this ethics, it is necessary to build our understanding of progress, solve problems of ecology and demography, the development of scientific and technological progress and international relations.

Responsibility for this is assumed by the so-called «senseocracy», which today acts as a counter-elite in relation to the ruling elite. It is precisely the former who sets the task of creating the contours of the Ideology of Victory. And if we are talking about Victory, it is important to determine the image of the enemy over whom this Victory should be won.

This enemy of humanity in the report of the Izborsky Club is called the «new priesthood», a new global clergy with signs of a destructive sect. Their program of transhumanism, inclusive capitalism, the «green revolution» and the so-called «negative growth» is brazenly imposed on all mankind.

The main postulates of the proposed ideology are: benefit over profit, common cause over benefits, solidarity over competition, freedom as sovereignty over freedom as independence.

The main national cultural codes are as follows: labour is sacred, Russia as an empire after its death is resurrected again (and now we live at the birth of the «Fifth Empire»), the Russian miracle as a force for resurrection and Victory, a common cause as a symbol of conciliarity in Russian destiny, defence consciousness, the universality of the Russian soul.

Russia is overcoming the historical split into «red» and “white». In modern society, the class conflict, without completely disappearing, gives way to a more complex conflict of globalism and anti-globalism as higher-level civilisational models. The old dispute is no longer relevant, it is only necessary to take from it the theme of patriotism and betrayal of national interests that are higher than class ones.

The conflict of Labour and Capital is being replaced by the conflict of jailers and prisoners of the digital concentration camp. If Russia does not lead the escape from it, everyone will die. Big capital, or rather not even capital anymore, but the new ruling class — the netocracy — will crush everyone. The left and the right have common interests in relation to the digital concentration camp. A front of all sound political forces is emerging against ultra-left global liberalism.

Russian ideology removes the conflict between the people and the state. Symbiosis with the state is a way of survival of the people in Russia. To respond to this challenge, it is necessary to transform culture from the sphere of commerce into a means of forming a constructive national myth and a sense of pride in cultural belonging. It is necessary to restore culture after the collapse it has experienced, to return to it the idea of the relay race of generations. It is necessary to stop constantly spitting upon the past – without this, the heirs of Victory will remain without inheritance.

The idea of the Izborsky Club is simple. It should answer the question «Who are we, why do we live, for what are we willing to sacrifice ourselves, who is our enemy and who is our friend, what kind of world do we strive for and what do we want to say to it”. The process of common doing is just beginning, and now the most important thing is not to stop trying to continue.

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