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The statement of the current mayor of Chicago, Lori Lightfoot, about the incessant robberies of retail stores caused, to put it mildly, the bewilderment of citizens. Groups of looters openly raid the city centre and the surrounding area, they cause significant damage to the owners of goods. In October, about ten masked men robbed a Louis Vuitton store in Oakbrook Center, west of Chicago, and then fled in three cars, one of which, as it turned out, was stolen. According to the Police Department, luxury goods worth more than $120,000 were stolen.

The incident described, as well as a series of other thefts, gave Ms. Lightfoot a reason to accuse the affected owners of seducing looters themselves. «We still have retailers who will not develop such plans as having security personnel in their stores, ensuring that they have really working cameras, locking their goods at night, fixing expensive bags exposed. These handbags may be something that attracts a lot of organised thefts,» the mayor concluded, as was quoted by Fox News.

The head and executive director of the Illinois Retail Association, Rob Carr, discreetly called Ms. Lightfoot’s comments “misinformed». Shopkeepers spend millions of dollars to protect their outlets, shop windows have to be boarded up with boards and plywood, desperate appeals to looters printed on sheets of paper hang on some doors: «Spare me, I’m a single mother!», «This store is all I have”.

Recall that during last year’s August riots, the damage to store owners was much more significant — up to $60 million. In response to reasonable questions from journalists — why criminals feel unpunished, Lori Lightfoot accused reporters of provocation and an attempt to quarrel the mayor’s office with the Police Department. Later, she officially banned white journalists from approaching her and trying to make contact.

«Now Chicago looks like the weakest link, because the leadership, which should solve this problem together with us, is fighting with each other and deciding who is to blame,» concluded social activist and entrepreneur Rob Carr.

It is worth dwelling on this person: Who is Lori Lightfoot?

Two years ago, two African-American women were nominated for the post of mayor of Chicago. The victory went to lawyer Lori Lightfoot, as she positioned herself as a lesbian, an activist of the LGBT community, and her rival, Toni Preckwinkle, was just a teacher and a banal manager with good work experience. The choice in favour of tolerance was obvious. 74% of voters voted for Ms. Lightfoot, and they got what they wanted.

During her reign, Lori Lightfoot managed to do a lot. She patronised the LGBT community as much as possible, for which she received the title of one of the fifty heroes «leading the nation to equality of all people», reduced fines for marijuana possession, banned protests in the area of her house, dismantled the monument to Christopher Columbus and completely quarrelled with the police, who accused the city authorities of increasing crime. One of the merits of the present mayor of Chicago is that city police officers are now prohibited from pursuing troublemakers unless they represent «visible damage to society”.

«They have reached the limit. It is clear that for the last year and a half our policemen have not just been underestimated, they have been bullied and humiliated. Two policemen were shot at point-blank range! We have a deep and severe crisis in our city,» complained Alderman O’Shea about the city’s leadership in an interview with the Sun Times.

Obviously, the people of Chicago, with the exception of the BLM and LGBT communities, do not enjoy Lori Lightfoot’s reign.

So who needs incompetent female managers?

History has known many talented women who held leadership positions and made fateful decisions. Perhaps one of the brightest representatives of the passing era is Margaret Thatcher and Angela Merkel. But the current time has brought many figures into politics that raise questions from normal people.

For example, the new German Defence Minister Christine Lambrecht is a professional politician, however, she has never had anything to do with the army. Lambrecht, whom Russian users immediately dubbed «grandma», «housewife» and «thank you for not being transgender», immediately offered to introduce the toughest sanctions against Russia.

A lot of criticism from the electorate is caused by the statements of another representative of the fair sex – Kaja Kallas, the Prime Minister of Estonia. With Christine Lambrecht, she is united by the lack of love for Russia. The current President of Moldova, Maia Sandu, a protege of the Soros Foundation, cannot be convicted of sympathy for our state. The Moldovan claims that Maia was an employee of the Foundation and studied at Harvard with his money.

When the West tried to promote Mrs. Tikhanovskaya as the main contender for the post of president of Belarus, the principles of feminism were also used. That is precisely why the coup attempt in the republic was called by many a “women’s revolt».

Not so long ago, information leaked online that the Soros Open Society Foundation will allocate regular grants for the promotion of feminist women to leadership positions around the world. The sum of one hundred million dollars is named. It is not difficult to guess that, as in the case of Lori Lightfoot, the emphasis will be placed not on the professional qualities of the applicants, the availability of appropriate education and work experience, but on their compliance with the liberal and possibly anti–Russian agenda. No wonder George Soros is considered one of the fathers of modern feminism.

Relatively recently, a new UN General Assembly resolution «Strengthening the role of the United Nations in enhancing the effectiveness of the principle of periodic and genuine elections and the promotion of democratisation» included paragraphs on «sexual orientation and gender identity», as well as about «women in all their diversity». This confirms the assumption that in the near future we will see the emergence of a number of politicians, in particular, feminists, whose main selection criterion will not be experience and common sense in decision-making, but «gender diversity». It is obvious that Washington, through which globalists coordinate the processes taking place in Europe and the rest of the world, benefits from weak politicians. It is easier to lead such people.

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