МОСКВА, 29 декабря 2021, Институт РУССТРАТ.

On the one hand, these figures eloquently indicate that import substitution programs are working. They also say that the sanctions war has hurt the economy of the European Union. On the other hand, the EU’s demarche indicates the complete loss of any ethical guidelines by the European bureaucracy. European officials have completely lost their conscience — first, under pressure from the United States, they imposed sanctions against the Russian Federation, and now they are demanding hundreds of billions of euros in compensation for damage from counter-sanctions.

If things continue to go this way, then perhaps tomorrow Germany and its allies in World War II will make claims to us for the losses suffered during the attack on the USSR in 1941. If losses are considered in Europe, then it would be most logical to make claims not to Russia, but to the United States, which are the main initiators of the sanctions war.

No matter how absurd the EU’s demand may be, it must be taken seriously. This is another anti-Russian demarche, which will require the Russian Federation to take complex legal actions and the readiness to defend its case within the WTO procedures.

Институт международных политических и экономических стратегий Русстрат


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