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One of the elements of the informational confrontation between Russia and the collective West is the myth of the «international isolation» of the Russian Federation. Communicating with people who are under the influence of Western media, as well as their domestic clones — foreign media — it is not uncommon to hear the phrase: «The whole world is against us”. How does this thesis correspond to reality? Are we really «condemned by the entire world community»?

Answering these questions, we must remember that in the propaganda lexicon of our opponents, the «world community» is understood exclusively and only as the collective West. And today it is they who shower Russia with abuse and act in the best traditions of a scumbag racketeer from the dashing 90s. The West closes the sky to Russian planes, freezes Russian foreign exchange reserves, expels our athletes from the competitive space. But the rest of the world is watching the actions of the West with mixed feelings — from poorly concealed surprise to harsh condemnation.

China has expressed a full understanding of what Russia is doing now. In the statements of Chinese officials, the culprit of the drama taking place in Ukraine is clearly identified — it is the United States of America.

The Indian authorities are speaking out more cautiously, but they also refuse to join the demarches of the West and vote against anti-Russian resolutions at the UN. The country, thanks to which mathematics and chess appeared in the world, knows perfectly well that global security is impossible without Russia. Delhi is also aware that all attempts by adequate leaders, the West, politicians and the military to build dialogue with Russia are blocked by the global «deep state». The last episode happened right before our eyes. The commander of the German Navy, Vice Admiral Kai-Achim Schönbach, was ignominiously expelled from all posts after his speech in India, where he spoke about the role and importance of Russia.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro expressed solidarity with Russia. Conservative Bolsonaro, even under former US President Donald Trump, orientated towards the United States and considered Washington his main ally. But after the Democrats came to power, he became disillusioned with America destroying traditional values, and began to pay more attention to the BRICS format. His support for Russia at the current dramatic moment is a symbol of the radical changes taking place in Latin America.

The leader of another major Latin American country, Argentina, also refused to condemn Russia. It remembers how Britain, with the support of the United States, occupied part of her territory, the Malvinas (Falkland Islands). President Alberto Fernandez, in defiance of the West, demonstrates his willingness to develop relations with the Russian Federation, he was one of the first to authorise the mass procurement and use of the Russian “Sputnik” vaccine.

Probably, the Arab monarchies of the Persian Gulf, which are the richest and most technologically advanced part of the Islamic world, do not consider themselves part of the «world community» either. At a meeting of the UN Security Council, the United Arab Emirates also refused to condemn Russia and vote for an anti-Russian resolution on Ukraine.

Finally, Israel, which has become a world leader in the field of innovative technologies in recent years, clearly does not want to take an anti-Russian position. The Jewish state treats the Ukrainian regime with poorly concealed disgust, considering the executioners of the Jewish people — Petliura and Bandera — as its founding fathers.

And this list of countries is far from exhaustive. Thus, it was not Russia that became «isolated» at all, but the collective West that turned out to be alone in its pathological hatred of Moscow. The rest of the world — the world community without quotes — continues to consider Russia its full participant.

Now we need to be realistic and realise that many of the previously existing opportunities for economic and humanitarian partnership with the West are closed today for a long time, if not forever, and not through our fault. However, at the same time, both new options for cooperation at the international level and new options for the development of Russia are opening up.

The modern West is only a small part of humanity. Its monopoly on advanced technical achievements, not to mention advanced ideas, is a thing of the past. We need to go forward and look for our place in the future, which no longer belongs to the West.

Elena Panina, Director of the RUSSTRAT Institute

Институт международных политических и экономических стратегий Русстрат


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